Matt Yakich has lost nearly 50 pounds by participating in 2 of our 6-week fitness camps. He put fourth an incredible amount of effort and is a model example of what dedication can bring you! Congrats Matt!


Sara Ralston – Fitness Camp Member

“On June 1st 2016, I made a drastic lifestyle change. I cut out all caffeine, coffee, added sugars, salt and processed foods.
For meals, I cut my portions in half!. And I try to eat something every 4-5 hours.
From June-September, I did NOT exercise at all!! I only made healthy food choices & portion control! Just from that alone, I lost 55lbs! So what you put in your body, is VERY important!

I wanna say a HUGE Thank you to Stephanie for telling me all about Cosens in Bay City!! I love it!! Taking your advice, and going there for exercise was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you soooooo much Steph ???

For the last 12 weeks, I have been incorporating exercise into my life! Cosen’s is AMAZING!!! It’s a great workout environment, and everyone there is so nice and encouraging! It’s like a big happy family!

We motivate each other daily and especially when we are struggling or the circuits are kicking our a**es!! Everyone is rooting you on with positive words and clapping to keep you motivated to finish strong! Thank you to all my fellow bootcampers & to our kick ass Coaches! You guys rock!!

Last bootcamp I lost 10lbs and over 7inches total.
We have one more week left in this bootcamp….. and I’m so excited to see my gains, and my weight/inches lost!
So far from June-Present, I’ve lost a total of 69lbs!
Every bruise, all the buckets of sweat & every cramp was worth it!! I wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve never felt better in my life ❤”


” I have lost first Fitness Camp was the one that started February 29th…I have completed 3 Fitness Camps….I quit smoking…drink no high protein and minimal carbs and try to drink at least a gallon of water a day.” -Jamie Balenda


 “July is my one year anniversary that I waddled my fat butt up thosesteps and joined the Cosens Coaches family. 8 or 9 fitness camps later I couldnt behappier with the results. To list a few, weight 215 to 177, waist 40” to 34″ and I’ve shaved almost 7 minutes of my 5k times. Thanks to all the coaches and my fellow survivors you guys make this program great and can’t wait til the next one.” -Neil Sanborn

These are real “Local People” Bay City residents with REAL results! If you struggle with weight loss or sticking with workouts we can help you! Enroll today! Feel free to walk in anytime Monday-Thursday 10 a.m-9 p.m.