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At Cosens Martial Arts, we focus on developing our students mentally and physically. We all share a common goal of seeking personal growth and development.

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Self Defense

Self Confidence

Improved Fitness

Improved Attitude

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Develop Leadership Skills

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What the parents say


I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this place. I’d give ten stars if I could.
It takes a community to raise a child. I am so happy to have Cosens martial arts in my community!
My boys have not only learned how to defend themselves, but they have learned discipline, confidence, respect, self respect and to see them grow over the last handful of months has been amazing!
Coach Spy and coach sanbeck are both wonderful with kids! They are involved in and outside of class. They actually care about “their” kids.
I am so happy that we found this program and look forward to the time ahead.

Jessica Leyba

I Love this place! My son deals with really bad ADHD, and keeping him engaged can at times be difficult. Coach Spy does an awesome job with being patient and understanding. I enjoy watching my sons class. Not only has my son been learning how to defend himself, but also learning life skills, and keeping him accountable for his actions in life and at school. I’ve witnessed that for Coach Spy, safety is always a #1 goal. Coach Spy is always willing to listen and help in anyway he can for the families that attend his school. I’m so happy I brought my son here! I just hope one day they’ll be able to expand their location in Saginaw – due to their awesome facility, they are definitely growing!

Rachel Spooner

My daughter is 5 and loves going to Martial Arts class at Cosens. Coach Spy is excellent with the children. The children are given lessons on subjects like respect and self-discipline during each session and are given individual attention when necessary without making them feel embarrassed or singled out. He really seems to find a way to connect with them in a fun and engaging way. Many of his lessons apply to home life outside of the classroom which help build good values and confidence. This class is not all about throwing punches, but about promoting being a good person living a healthy lifestyle, capable of defending yourself if you have to.

Calvin Murphy

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